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Dictionary of dreams.


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reams help us see this as our life in this world and give us substantial support. With regard to dreams, we recommend reading the first part dealing with the dreams that it is in the chapter of the good magic in the part devoted to dreams.
The dreams are essentially messages that may relate to all this good, this we missing something, an aid to take an important decision, a warning to stop doing something, a board... So that we can help solve problems very difficult, and we always tell the whole truth, but it is important to interpret them well for someone can help us in the dictionary and dreams of:

To better explain how the dreams, give some examples and explanations. Thus a dream was a message from a Celestial Being, it is as if our guardian angel knew not speak Spanish, then try to tell the message to mimic or signals, as in some games where someone makes some signs, and the other dealing guessing involved. Only in the case of angels, the signs are images.
And it happens that in our daily lives we are constantly making comparisons, for example, sometimes we say: "I had a setback" that means we had a problem or a problem, or sometimes make other comparisons, as someone who does not see, so that a blind man is someone who can not see with their eyes, but also sometimes call him blind to someone who does not understand or something that has not been realized something important. And those are the things that our angel takes into account, so if we see a dream in our blind, may mean that we should review our situation and our projects, because there may not be seeing an important detail, which advises us that we must put more emphasis on what we do and do not trust us.
Then the dream may be a bit more elaborate, for example, if you look at someone known to be blind, then, mean that this person needs our help to realize something that is important.
Below we cite some examples, to understand it better:

  • Think of a dream where we putting a red shirt, which happens in some places there is or is the common expression: "Get the shirt," as if we were to see a football game, and a friend tells us: get the shirt the team because we are going to the party to support him, so we prepare to go to support our team, then, in the case of the red shirt, the color in this case, it means: love, so that our angel tries to tell that we prepare for love, which means that we will be lucky in love.
  • Another example: Think of the expression that is used in some places, he says: "Get well the pants," which means that we have the courage to confront a situation, then, if we are to our dream pants accommodate our angel tries to tell , We have the courage to face the situation or we may have problems in the future.
  • Another case is the expression: "I can not leave the pit," in this case in our dream if we see a hole, it means a probable difficulty, because we could fall in, but if we go by in our sleep there, but avoid the pit, the angel, we are saying that there will be a challenge, but did not affect us because we're going to dodge.
  • Now think of the term "bread is eaten," which means that there is something that is very easy to do, then, if we see our dream in the middle of a bread, because it seems that someone was eating, it means that there is something we want to do, but we do not dare because they're unsafe, but our guardian angel, tells us through this picture: There is no problem, because bread is eaten, namely that we dare to do so, because there will be no trouble.
  • And sometimes the dream can stand as a metaphor, for example: If in the dream we are driving a vehicle and the pavement is wet so that our vehicle skid and collide, it is a sort of comparison with what we happening in our waking life, so that in this case the angel is telling us that in our waking life we are entering a dangerous situation as if drive a car on wet asphalt, because if we are not careful with what we do, a disaster can occur.

Sometimes there are even signs or meanings that we used in some expressions, such as when we tell someone: "I love you with all my heart," in this case means heart: Love, so that there are cases where even the signs are very familiar and easy to decipher, even without help from the dictionary of dreams.

There are cases where the dream is a bit tricky to decipher, and use the dictionary of dreams, it's very useful, a case is if we had a dream where we see that we bring a credit card in hand, and then placed it on a blank paper, in this case, the meaning of the credit card is: difficulties of money, but as we place a white paper on top, seek the meaning of white paper, meaning that difficulties have disappeared, so to put something over it, it means, what it takes up more importance, in this case means that our difficulties of money will disappear.

This is the way to decipher a common dream, so in these cases, we recommend:
First. Keep a pen and paper beside the bed, so that wake us note as many details as possible, taking advantage that we have a fresher memory of the dream, but dreams that are more easily remember those containing the most important messages.

Second. We must find the meaning of each thing that we see in our dream, as it is: to whom we saw, or whether it is not known if there is: a table, window, door, road etc. If it is day; Everything that we see.
But beginning with those that have a meaning more important (Water, houses, road, coins, Quetzalcoatl, rain, tree, fire, colors, earth, air, and wind) and then the meaning of the other things that appear in our dreams, give us the details of the message.
But if our dream does not appear in any of the most important signs, then consult the meaning of each thing and then be able to understand the full picture.
Sometimes you need a little practice, but it is not difficult, even, sometimes in the meaning of the word gives several examples and is no longer necessary to consult more meanings.

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